środa, 12 maja 2010

Retrospekcja / A retrospection

Dziś chcę Wam pokazać kolejny zestaw fotek z sobotniego "Grenadiera". Tym razem zdjęcia naszej rozgrywki zostały wykonane przez utalentowanego profesjonalistę. Bartek, znany jako bnk na Forum Strategie zrobił te wspaniałe foty przy użyciu jego dokonałego aparatu Nikona. Wielkie dzięki dla bnk za udostępnienie jego genialnych fotografii!
Today I want to show you another pack of pictures from saturday "Grenadier" game event. This time the photos of our wargame was made by a talented professionalist. Bartek also known as bnk at Forum Strategie was taking the great pictures with his fantastic Nikon camera. Thanks a lot to bnk for sharing his stunning pics!

9 komentarzy:

GEM Team pisze...

wow nice set. Love the atmosphere

Yori pisze...

That's right. Bartek was making very good pics. I'm glad you like them :)

Paul pisze...

Very impressive, once again well done.

Yori pisze...

Thanks a lot Paul :)

Soon I'll start to paint some modern 1/72 figures. I hope I'll use them again with the same guys who made these fantastic sceneries. So stay tuned :)

Al pisze...

Absolutlely superb Yori. How about a write-up?


Yori pisze...

Thanks! Q.B. was declaring to make a write-up of this event on his blog. So I decided to leave that to him.

I think we have to wait, he writes a lovely AAR's. His blog is here:

q.b. pisze...

Bloody hell ! If only I could refresh my memory... The game was so dynamic and full of funny episodes... Yori - I'm giving You the "green light" to write something about each scenario :) I only remember we played 2 games - and a positive hero of the first game - Jack from Czerniakow (that brown suite smart-ass in a hat, looking like an al-capone style gang member :D)

Geordie an Exiled FoG pisze...

Gosh: Polish Home Army uprising 1944

The figures and scenery are excellent

The conflict/battle was staggering in its brutality. Reading Churchill's account on the affair you can task the tangible grief he felt over the affair.

Respect to all

Yori pisze...

I hope you'll like our next project: The four battles of Monte Cassino.

Thanks for you comment.