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AAR - The Ides of March

Polską wersję tego raportu możecie przeczytać na Portalu Strategie.

Polish version of this report you can read at Portal Strategie.

Last saturday, 10th march, I have participated with my 8 friends in By Fire and Sword division-level wargame. I want to thank Raleen who played host in the club Agresor, where we have played our battle.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces have standed against the strong Zaporozhian-Tatar division. Because we had the military supremacy, our enemies had the choice of tactical option. Poles have chose to be the attackers. We were in astonishment, but very satisfied, because Cossacks prefer to fight in defensive formation. On the other hand it was the best option for swift Polish cavalry.

So we have prepared our tabor in defensive formation. Our task was to defend the hill where we put our artillery. Polish task was to capture or destroy these cannons. We have formed the semicircle, our flanks were adjoined to the riversides (that is to say the edges of the table). Our great commander was Czywczyn who commanded the centre. Left wing was commanded by Wrednobrody and right wing by me. Because I did't have the peasant levies, my regiment seemed to be the weakest. We supposed to fight right there. In front of our line there were some abbadoned hovels. We wondered if we could capture these houses. Finally we have decided to keep our forces concentrated. Two units of Tatar cavalry were expected, but we had no idea when they arrive, so we didn't do more than guess when they could arrive.

Polish great commander was Alexandros. His forces were placed in folowing order: in front of my tabor the artillery under the command of Aldlin were placed. On left from the artillery we have seen the noblemen levies commanded by Ragozd. On the right the regiment of mercenary german-style infantry and haiduks had been placed, and after them - the full regiment of reiters. All these units were commanded by Balthasar Tommasson. At the farthest left side we have seen the Polish cossack-style cavalry and Winged Lancers. Alexandros was commander there in person.

The battle has begun! Aldlin's artillery opened fire, the first volley struck my tabor. Third part of my war wagons had been destroyed.

The enemy's infantry started up to capture the hovels in front of us. The reiters and Polish cavalry started the flanking maneuver. Almost the whole hostile division prepared to attack my position. It seemed that my battleforce should be destroyed in one hour.

Then the Orris' Tatars have arrived on my left flank. Alexanros has reacted instantly and all his Polish cavalry attacked our expected allies. He found the Thomasson's forces should be sufficient to destroy my wing.

I desperately wanted to save my tabor and I ordered my cavalry to screen my war wagons. But Czywczyn commanded me to halt my horsemen and his moloitsy started up to take the postions between me and Aldlin's artillery.

Meanwhile at right wing the "Tatar Dance" has started. Polish cavalry attacked the Tatars, but they evaded and shot their arrows. At this moment second Tatar battleforce commanded by Cichy has approached. Poles had a serious situation there, because they were attacked by two Tatar hordes in one time.

In that situation Ragozd's Polish noblemen started up to support their countrymen. But the artillery's flank was revealed.

The infantrymen captured the cottages and the reiters have achieved the fine positions to start the charge or the caracole.

Meantime Czywczyn's moloitsy were massacred by Aldlin's artillery. My cavalry started up to save my general's brave soldiers.

Unprotected artillery was in sight. Czywczyn ordered his cavalry to attack the cannons and Wrendobrody's wagon train started the march against the enemy.

In that moment the reiters have reached the point in my war wagon artillery's range. I took a look at Tatars wing and I saw uncommon sight - disordered hussars and Polish cossacks covered by fire from the three sides.

With the courage in my heart I have opened the fire. Some of reires had been killed and whole squadron has started to withdraw. The second line was disorderded by pulled back reiters!

I have orderded my cavalry to join the Czywczyn's charge against the artillery, but he has done it quickly. The artillerymen have been overkilled. Our cavalrymen had no time to dismount and capture the guns, because Germans and haiduks counterattacked. All our united cavalry charged against Tommasson's infantry and they started to flee. We have overan and slaughtered them!

Meanwhile my guns decimated the whole companies of reiters. Almost the whole regimet fell in panic and started to retreat.

The setting sun reddened the western sky. Polish division was unable to meet the victory conditions. It was our day!

W achieved the victory thank to effort of Cichy and Orris. Their Tatars engaged the whole Polish cavalry. In effect Ragozd was forced to help them and left artillery's flank unprotected. Czywczyn and Wrednobrody with a little help of my cavalry didn't miss an opportunity to charge. My task was to retain the position and protect our artilery. I was succeed thank to panic spreaded after my rapid fire. I had sufficient firepower thank to Czywczyn's moloitsy who screened my war wagons with heavy casualties.

I'm very satisfied with today's wargame, not only for our victory, but because we had a lot of fun. I'm proud of our Cossack team (CzywczynWrednobrodyYori) for our peferct coordination and I want to thank Tatar team (Cichy-Orris) for their support. This is a great thing to play with these mates in one team.

And I also want to thank our opponents. We have a date for return game. I wish Alexandros he would create the close team. Let them win a battle by cooperation.

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Anatoli pisze...

Amazing battle report and pictures!
The game just looks fantastic on such a large scale :-D

Yori pisze...

Right! The greater battle level makes the game more interesting!

Phil pisze...

A great report! Photos are impressive.